National Economics Olympiad 2022
organized by AEclipse and the KVS

Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

March 4th, 2022

The Competition

Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

March 4th

10:00 am

Founded in 2016, the National Economics Olympiad (NEO) is a problem-solving competition for Bachelor and Master students in Economics, organized by the study association AEclipse and the Royal Dutch Economic Association (KVS) in close collaboration with Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) and the Dutch Journal on Policy Economics (ESB). 


Students in teams of three are tasked with solving challenging questions set by professors from different Dutch institutions encompassing topics related to the varied branches of economics. Over a three-hour period, these teams will attempt to solve these questions with the highest scoring team winning a prize of 300 EUR, the second place team 150 EUR, and the third place team 75 EUR. There is a separate prize for the highest scoring team of Bachelor students; being compensated 75 EUR.


This year, the tournament is planned to be run mainly in-person with teams having the option to participate online. If COVID regulations do not allow the event to be in person, it would be fully online.




Keynote Speaker
Prof. Kurt Richard Brekke

 Former chief economist of the Norwegian competition authority, Prof. Kurt Brekke, a renowned expert in the area of pharmaceutical markets, will give a lecture on "The Economics of COVID-19"

Audience and Lecturer

RBB Economics is a specialized consultancy firm, focusing solely on competition law matters. More details about their workshop will soon be announced


We are planning to offer multiple workshops during the day that will offer beneficial career insights and networking opportunities to our participants.

RBB Economics

Organization TBD

Past Winners

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