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After the success of the first NEO in 2016, it has been established as an annual event growing in participants and contributing partners. Since the edition of 2020, the Royal Dutch Economic Association (KVS) organises the event together with study association AEclipse.

The Olympiad offers the participants compelling academic questions set by professors from different Dutch institutions encompassing topics related to the varied branches of economics. These questions would challenge the participants to tap into the applicability of the diverse subject of economics, to further gain holistic conversance of the subject. After a riveting question-solving, ​t​he Olympiad would also give the participants an opportunity to engage with representatives from the diverse fields of economics and academia in the form of the panel discussion.

We hope to encourage the most talented academic students to participate in the event and to succeed in becoming the best student/team and win. The first place will receive a compensation of 300 EUR, the second place 150 EUR and the third place 75 EUR.

Besides the monetary incentives, the top 5 teams will have an opportunity to attend an in-house day at ING in April.

We hope to see you there!

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